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Daytona Beach Fishing Summer 2016
with Captain CB’s Fishing Charters

These pictures were taken with Captain Chuck ‘CB’ Bragg in Daytona Beach in June and July, 2016.

This gentleman caught an amberjack while fishing near Daytona Beach His friend on the charter caught this snapper He also caught an amberjack

Staying Cool with Captain CB!
These gentlemen were two of our favorite guests this summer! Captain CB took them fishing offshore to the artificial reefs where they caught snapper and amberjack. Amberjack swim over the reefs to feed and are often caught on Captain CB’s Daytona Beach fishing charters.

Young fisherman with a big Red Snapper A happy guest and his Red Snapper Deep Sea fishing for snapper with Captain CB

Schools of Snapper on the Reefs this Summer near Daytona Beach!
The offshore artificial reefs began by Volusia County over 35 year ago are producing a consistent population of various snapper species such as Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Lane Snapper and Vermilion Snapper. These snapper were all caught while deep sea fishing near Daytona Beach with Captain CB.

A young lady and a Red Snapper Deep sea fishing for Snapper near Daytona Beach This Red Snapper is almost as big as the girl who caught it
CB-fishing-0816-3 CB-fishing-0816-4

A Wide Variety of Species!
That’s a Hammerhead Shark on the left and a Goliath Grouper on the right. Hammerhead sharks and goliath groupers can grow into 800 pound giants. This hammerhead shark was small enough to be brought safely aboard. The goliath grouper is a protected species and was released after this photo was taken. Both fish were caught while fishing the artificial reefs near Daytona Beach, Florida with Captain CB in July 2016.

Girl with Triggerfish Boy with Triggerfish

More Fish from the Reefs!
Triggerfish are commonly found while bottom fishing the artificial reefs near Daytona Beach. These young anglers each caught one on their fishing trip with Captain CB’s Fishing Charters.

Redfish caught while fishing offshore Snook caught while fishing offshore

More Fish from Offshore!
This guest of Captain CB’s Fishing Charters caught a very nice Redfish, on the left, and a Snook, on the right. Mature Redfish and Snook breed nearshore and are also caught when fishing on offshore or nearshore fishing trips near Daytona Beach.

Deep sea fishing in Daytona Beach during the summertime

Rod Bending Action with Captain CB
These young ladies are working hard to bring up their catch while bottom fishing over the artificial reefs near Daytona Beach. The smooth seas during the summer months makes it a lot easier to reach the reefs quickly and comfortably.



Catching sharks with Captain CB in the Summer of 2016 Captain CB offers shark fishing trips in Daytona Beach, Florida

Everyone Loves Catching Sharks!
Catching sharks with Captain CB puts a smile on everyone’s face. Captain CB offers special Shark Fishing Trips that are especially popular during the Summer when Shark Week is on TV around the 4th of July. We can also catch sharks on our regular offshore fishing trips. Just let Captain CB know what you want to catch and he’ll do his best to put you on the fish of your choice.

A great day fishing in Daytona Beach
Amberjacks caught with CB Fishing Charters

We’re Having a Great Summer Fishing in Daytona Beach!
On the left is a happy couple and their catch from a Daytona Beach fishing charter with Captain CB this summer. On the right are two gentlemen back from a fishing trip with Captain CB. The pictures were taken after the fishing charters at Port Orange Seafood where the catch will be filleted and bagged for them to take home. Hope they have room for a large ice chest in their vehicles!

Having Fun Fishing with Captain CB!
Below are pictures of two guests having a great time on a Daytona Beach Fishing Charter with Captain CB.
 At CB’s Fishing Charters it’s all about having fun and making fishing memories that will last a lifetime!

Mom caught a red snapper!
Mom and daughter out fishing with Captain CB
Captain CB and guests on a fishing trip in Daytona Beach, Florida

Wow! What a summer 2016 has been! Below are more pictures from fishing trips this summer with Captain CB’s Fishing Charters in Daytona Beach. Now we’re getting ready for great fishing this fall.

It's been a good summer fishing for amberjacks in Daytona Beach
Snapper caught while bottom fishing near Daytona Beach, Florida

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