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Daytona Beach Fishing Photos 2018
with Captain CB’s Fishing Charters

The fishing is great in Datona Beach in 2018.
These pictures are from offshore deep sea fishing trips with Captain Chuck ‘CB’ Bragg
in Daytona Beach in Spring and Summer 2018.

Shark fishing is popular with Captain CB The Red Snapper are running offshore in 2018

Red Snapper are so plentiful in Daytona Beach this year, there will be a special Red Snapper season this summer. Red Snapper are great to eat and abundant on Daytona’s many artificial reefs! Red Snapper are also a lot of fun to catch!

Red Snapper season 2018 in Daytona Beach Even the kids are catching red snapper Another young angler with a big red snapper
These anglers are holding spanish mackerel they caught off the coast of Daytona Beach Mangrove snapper are also common on the Daytona artificial reefs

Catching plenty of Spanish Mackerel (on the left)
and Mangrove Snapper (on the right) this year with Captain CB

You never know when you’re going to catch a shark with Captain CB!
This 6 foot shark poses for a picture with a guest angler
on an offshore fishing trip with Captain CB

A shark on the line There are plenty of sharks in Daytona Beach Posing for a picture with a shark in Daytona
A thrashing shark on the line This shark is hooked but still deep in the water The shark fishing is good this summer in Daytona Beach

It’s been another great summer fishing with Captain CB in Daytona Beach!

Mangrove snapper are plentiful and good to eat Another big red snapper This mangrove snapper was caught on the artificial reefs
Captain CB is holding the red snapper A barracuda we caught near Daytona Beach

That’s Captain CB giving the thumbs up and holding up the big red snapper.
And a big barracuda on the right.
When you’re ready to Relax, Have Fun, Catch Fish and Make Memories,
Book a fishing charter with Captain CB in Daytona Beach, Florida

Redfish and a big permit from a nearshore fishing trip Red Snaper season in Daytona Beach

The fish were biting all summer long with Captain CB in Daytona Beach

A gag grouper An even bigger gag grouper

These Gag Grouper were both caught on offshore fishing trips with Captain CB in 2018

Now that's a beautiful red snapper The snapper were biting this summer in Daytona Beach A pretty lady with her red snapper

2018 has been our best year yet for catching snapper in Daytona Beach

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